A Turkish soldier “visiting” an ISIS anti-aircraft unit at Kobani – Via Oliver North

This quote is not from Oliver North, but from a Facebook poster. I think that this demonstrates what a large number of critical thinkers are thinking.

“If yall think Turkey is really against their own… you’re nuts. Obama is propping up Turkey to be the center of all operations. The rise of the new ottoman empire. And all funded by American tax dollars and printed fed money. Thats why we now have coalitions with all these arab states. First all the radical Islamists are gonna clean house then unite…destablize the world.. and bring destruction on your childrens heads. Sorry… thats how they get down..history teaches us that.”

English: Lt. Col. Oliver North speaks at a din...
English: Lt. Col. Oliver North speaks at a dinner in Seattle, Washington on August 14, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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