A Texas mom was distracted texting while her three children drowned in a pool, witnesses said.

IRVING, Texas — A Texas mother is facing charges after three of her children drowned in a swimming pool and witnesses allege she was distracted by her cellphone while the tragedy occurred.

Irving police arrested Patricia Allen, 30, on suspicion of injury to a child. According to court documents, a witness said Allen was apparently distracted by a cellphone and not watching her three children in the pool.


Two other witnesses claim when they arrived at the pool, the three children were nowhere in sight and Allen was doing nothing.

“They walked up to the pool and saw the mother sitting on the edge of the pool, looking outward toward the deeper end area of the pool and also observed that the water was still and calm, and no flapping or splashing or bubbles in the water. It was at that point that the mother stepped out,” said Officer James McLellan, with the Irving Police Department.

According to KTVT, Allen took her five children to the pool for a day in the water.

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