A secret that it will transform the entire global electrical power industry.


If there was a way for every person on Earth to reduce their electrical power consumption 10 fold would you be interested?  If there was a way to drastically reduce you electrical bill would you be interested?  You’re still reading so the answer to both questions is yes.  The technology exists today to transform the entire electrical power industry.  This same technology will eliminate power black outs caused by high electrical power demand.  This technology will keep a lot of money in your wallet and not in the electrical power companies’ wallets.  The electrical power companies know of this technology.  It is their best kept secret.  What is their secret?

The energy demand increases as the population of the World increases.  The increase energy demand means regular increases in energy costs.  What plays a major factor in the increase in energy costs?  Oil.  Even though we now have nuclear power plants and wind power fields and solar energy harnessing grids the cost of energy is still dependent on the price of oil.  When the price of oil goes up the price of electrical energy goes up.  So how can we get free of this oil bearing price trap?  By reducing our power consumption.  But how is that possible when we need more electrical energy today, not less.  We need a constant supply of 1200 watts for every baseboard heater in our homes every winter.  We need as much energy in the summer to power our air conditioners.  So how is it possible?

You and I both know converting to florescent light bulbs isn’t going to reduce our electrical power consumption or reverse global warming because electric baseboard heaters and fireplaces, air conditioners, hot water tanks, and microwaves are still being manufactured and sold and they are the ones that consume the most electrical power. So how do we power everything in our homes with less energy?  We use electrical transformers.

Transformers (not the movie) are used today all over the World to produce high-voltage pulses from a low-voltage supply.  They transform low wattage into much higher wattage without any increase in supply demand.

A transformer is an induction coil consisting of two coils of insulated copper wire wound around a common iron core. One coil, called the primary winding, is made from relatively few (tens or hundreds) turns of coarse wire. The other coil, the secondary winding, typically consists of many (thousands) turns of fine wire. An electric current is passed through the primary, creating a magnetic field. Because of the common core, most of the primary’s magnetic field couples with the secondary winding. The primary behaves as an inductor, storing energy in the associated magnetic field. When the primary current is suddenly interrupted, the magnetic field rapidly collapses. This causes a high voltage pulse to be developed across the secondary terminals through electromagnetic induction. Because of the large number of turns in the secondary coil, the secondary voltage pulse is typically many thousands of volts.

Essentially what it does is use the 120 volts that the electrical power companies sells to you and transforms it in 10 to 100 times more electrical power.  So if you were to install a transformer just before the 120 volts of power enters a electrical power hungry electric baseboard heater or fireplace, air conditioners, hot water tank, or microwave it would provide enough electrical power using 10 to 100 times less wattage.  Your home heaters and appliances still get the electrical power they need but using a lot less electrical power from your electrical power company.

This technology has been available since the very first gas combustion vehicle rolled off of the assembly line.  In fact this technology of transforming small amounts of electrical current into very high electrical current is essential to firing the spark plugs to ignite the fuel in all combustion engines.  Without this technology the gasoline combustion vehicle would not exist today.

All gasoline powered vehicles have this technology.  In a gasoline powered vehicle it is called an ignition coil.  An ignition coil, which is also known as a spark coil is an induction coil (transformer) in an automobile’s ignition system. It transforms the car battery’s 12 volts to thousands of volts.  Very high voltage is needed to spark the spark plugs.  A large ignition coil puts out about 20 kV, and a small one such as from a lawn mower puts out about 15 kV.  kV is a unit of potential equal to a thousand volts.  So 20 kV would equal to 20,000 volts. Which means a simple ignition coil transforms 12 volts into 20,000 volts or higher.

So what does an ignition coil or transformer do? It transforms low electrical current into very high electrical current.  Anywhere from 10 times (10 fold) to several thousands times more electrical current.  Can you image how this would will transform (pun intended) the entire global electrical power industry.

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