A School Tried To Force Islam On Her Child, This Mom’s Response Is Epic

Here’s another crazy controversy brewing in an American public school. There’s been an ongoing debate about having God mentioned or playing a part in our public government sanctioned lives. For decades now God has been removed almost entirely.

The government has turned it’s back on the Christian God, the God of the Bible. Any mention of Jesus in these public settings is seen as an affront on people’s civil liberties.

Whereas the Christian God has been thrown out, because of the separation of Church and State, anything pertaining to Islam has been allowed in carte blanche. The government structure seems to partly fear offending Muslims.

Well when this quiz was issued to a Farmville Central High School English class, in North Carolina, with questions largely referencing on Islamic themes, tempers flared.

Here are the questions that were asked:


One parent in particular, Diane Lynne Savage was particularly outraged and made a lengthy video about it.

“They are indoctrinating our children… again,” says Diane Lynne Savage.

There’s so much local outrage the police department has been contacted.

Mrs. Savage goes on to make the point,

“When was the last time you saw your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter come home from public school with a lesson a curriculum lesson built around God? Around Jesus Christ? Around Buddha? When’s the last time? Thought this wasn’t allowed.”

There is definitely an Anti God agenda in this country and the way our schools are slowly bowing to the Muslims is frustratingly absurd.

Either allow all discussion of religion and religious figures or none at all.

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