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Free Web Advertising
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Advertising is the lifeblood of any business whether it’s online or offline. Free web advertising comes in many forms; from classified ads, organic search engine results, and another form that I would like to let you know about today..

Ad Networks or Ad Servers

To use this form of free internet advertising, you need to own or own website or blog. The basic idea behind it is, you show ads from other advertisers and in return; your ads are shown on other peoples websites or blogs.

Introducing BAMify

BAMify Ads is a new way of approaching free Internet advertising, which previously has followed the same sort of ideas as traditional media, with the concept of advertisers and publishers.

This traditional approach might generate revenue, directly for the publisher and indirectly for the advertiser, but it misses out on the fact that often in the world of web advertising the publisher might also be an advertiser, and vice versa.

As we see with other ad publishing networks, like Google AdSense, and advertising networks, like Google AdWords, these two very much intertwined sides are kept divided. Why is this?

Advertising on the web does not incur a cost to the publisher, in the same way it would in traditional media – through pages in a magazine or airtime on the television. Internet content is essentially free, in terms of publishing, so why can’t advertising be free too?

This is where BAMify Ads comes in – They are a free ad network that will give you absolutely free Internet traffic to your website, with no catches, ifs or buts.

The concept is extremely simple – you become both the advert publisher and advertiser. By publishing ads for free from their network on your websites, you in turn can advertise for free across their advert network.

Getting started is really simple, just sign up for free, write your ad or upload a banner, decide where you are going to show other ads, get the simple code and put it on your website – Job done!

There’s lots of other features to BAMify such as..

Mobile – iphone and Android
Affiliate program
See more..

Because BAMify Ads is zero cost advertising, they give everyone, no matter how large or small, the ability to promote their website. It doesn’t matter if you run a blog, have a Facebook or Twitter page, an ecommerce store or a forum community, they will help bring unlimited amounts of traffic to your website.

As aBAMify Ads user, you have full control over the ad spaces you publish, in terms of their size, type (text, images or both) and also the type of advert categories you wish to display. You also don’t have to place ad spaces on the sites you are wanting to promote – the websites can be completely separate, as long as you are displaying ad spaces somewhere, you are earning the right to publish your ads on their free advertising network.

When you sign up they will give you 5000 free credits, so you can start advertising across their network immediately. Then just publish some of their ad spaces on your website and see your web traffic increase for free, as you earn more credits and your ads are in turn displayed more and more.

You can also earn even more credits through their affiliates system. Just recommend BAMify to your friends and associates and get them to sign up via your affiliate link to earn 5000 credits for each sign up! You automatically become an affiliate, there’s no extra sign up process and of course you don’t have to use this feature if you don’t want to.

Free advertising is here, so sign up and start getting free web advertising right away.

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