8 chan loses ANOTHER service provider and struggles to stay online

8 chan loses ANOTHER service provider and struggles to stay online

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Voxility was seemingly made aware of 8 chan’s move to its servers through a tweet sent by Alex Stamos, the former head of security at Facebook.

8 chan had moved to its servers using a third party vendor, according to Stamos. Voxility had apparently previously been unaware 8 chan was utilizing its services through the third party.

Stamos tweeted: In case you were wondering, it looks like the new host of 8 chan and Daily Stormer will effectively be @voxility. [b][color=red]It looks like Epik/Bitmitigate owns very little of their own hardware and instead rents Voxility’s servers and AS

About 30 minutes after Stamos tweeted, Voxility responded in a tweet saying it was “addressing this urgently.”

Soon after, Voxility tweeted, “Update. 3rd party hosting the content is no longer available via Voxility network.”

Maria Sirbu, Voxility’s vice president of business development, told CNN in an email, “This is totally against our policy and yes, we acted as fast we could.


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