6 (SIX) Cancer CURES Your Doctor, Oncologist or Health Trust don’t want you to know!

Why when so many Natural things that “Aren’t” Drugs or pills and that “CURE CANCER”


** CURE 1 **– @Laetrile B17 (apricot seeds internal pulp, 30 pence each?),

** CURE 2 ** – @Sodium bicarbonate ( £1 from the local shop ), see Dr Tullio’s facebook page

** CURE 3 ** – Vitamin C (sachets of concentrate from Order here (Newstruth and Paul D are not affiliated with this link and receive no financial compensation from the site) about thirty pounds + postage) CURES Leukaemia ( Living proof Vitamin C CURES Leukaemia ) the same sachets as you see in the film, – “Dr. Levy Lists Most Important Factors in Vitamin C Therapy – For leading-edge doctors like Cardiologist Thomas E. Levy, MD JD, the implications are staggering. In his book “Curing the Incurable”, he states that the three most vital factors required to get the most from Vitamin C are: Dose, Dose, Dose!” <<< from the lypo-spheric link above,

** CURE 4 **  CANNABIS OIL – that has CURED DOZENS of TERMINAL cancer patients thanks to Rick Simpson on facebook  has helped over — 5000 FIVE THOUSAND — patients personally check his site www.phoenixtears.ca check outCannabis Oil Success Stories & BRITISH MEDICAL CANNABIS CAMPAIGN 2012(also on fb, ask to join groups/pages) ALSO CHECK  – OVER THREE HUNDRED STUDIES done on CANNABIS and CANCER – you can search any disease and try typing any natural product and see what comes up, give it a try & the 2yr old boy who had a brain glioma and was given cannabis oil by his dad – and is nowCANCER FREE! – the doctors could only remove 10% (TEN) percent of the original tumour, leaving a full 90% still inside – some medical treatment right?**ARGUMENT against cannabis** – but it’s illegal and the doctors say it has NO Medical Benefits – YES, and thats why the British Govt have let their “friends” at GW Pharmaceuticals grow and cultivate the Cannabis plant and process it just like Rick Simpson, WITHOUT any comeback, with total impunity, if there was no medical benefit BIG PHARMA would NOT spend it’s money so frivolously! END OF ARGUMENT

(NOTE: I previously wrote on this topic and alluded to a contact I had for the oil which has not been in touch for many months now, therefore I no longer have a contact – my failure for not informing people of this until now has been down to guilt, guilt for providing the information in the first instance and then not being able to follow through, anyone still wishing for this Oil MUST grow the cannabis themselves or have it done for them by some one whom they trust, Implicitly! and from this make your own oil. Check out cbdcrew and their medical strains of cannabis – Newstruth and Paul D are not affiliated with this link and receive no financial compensation from the site )

** CURE 5 ** – Dr Burzynski who has CURED cancer for THIRTY FIVE YEARS despite being hounded by the American FDA for the last 30 years (that’s not one case that lasted 30 yrs that’s at least one different prosecution every decade!) through the courts, and even after going through his Hell, he still WON!!! – Dr Burzynski  search results, The Movie & The Clinic

Question: Why would the FDA pursue someone who claims to cure cancer through the courts for 30 years on numerous different occasions? Would it be because the majority of directors on the FDA have, or have had a vested interest in selling more “Drugs”/pills, in turn making BIG Pharma more profits?  –  Yeah ok, that was two questions 

** CURE 6 ** – Dr. Max Gerson CURING cancer since 1938, Dr. Gerson passed his boards and was licensed to practice in the state of New York. For twenty years, he treated hundreds of cancer patients who had been “given up to die” (by their doctors – Emphasis mine) after all conventional treatments had failed. – The Gerson Organisation run By Dr Gerson’s daughter Charlotte

…aren’t they being offered to patients as an alternative to the multi BILLION pound “Drug” companies profit based pill, Chemo’ & Radiation system?

Is it because there is too much “Money” at stake for them?

…So, 6 ( SIX ) different, natural, non harmful CURES for cancer, so why aren’t “Companies” like cancer research uk not singing and shouting about this from the rooftops?

Do yourselves and your LOVED ones a massive favour and stop putting your trust, hope and MONEY in their pockets any more…

…or you can carry on putting all your unquestioning faith in the hands of the doctors & carry killing your kids if you like, because after all, the Doctor’s always right, right?

P.s. Doctors when asked “would you give your family chemo and radiation” responded NO! Doesn’t that tell you anything?

P.p.s. Chemotherapy and Radiation KILL MORE PEOPLE FASTER than those patients who choose ‘NOT’ to take the Chemo’ and Radiation, FACT! << go figure!

P.p.p.s – Thanks UK Govt < sarcasm – why do we have a Cancer Act 1939? Check out section 4 ‘______’

duckduckgo search results for Cancer Act 1939


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