Full video: President Obama’s speech to UK Parliament

The UK and US are at a “pivotal moment” in their relationship and “profound challenges” lie ahead, US President Barack Obama has told MPs and peers in Westminster on 25 May 2011

In a historic speech to both Houses of Parliament in Westminster Hall, the president said the special relationship between the two nations was founded not only on shared history and language but common beliefs and values “that have united our people through the ages”.

Rejecting arguments that emerging superpowers like China, India and Brazil meant the end for American and European influence in the world, he stressed the time for European and US leadership was “now”, in a speech that covered a range of issues including foreign policy, economic development and international security.

President Obama praised the role of the UK in spreading the ideals of democracy around the world, quoting Sir Winston Churchill, who said the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, habeas corpus, trial by jury and common law “find their most famous expression in the American Declaration of Independence”.


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