5 Websites To Use For Bible Study

1. Bible Hub (Bible.cc)

The first website is Bible.cc. I personally have been using this website for the last 4 years in my Bible study. Visit the site and type in any word, phrase, or verse in the search bar at the top and it will yield a list of pertinent verses. For example, let’s say you want to pull up a verse that has to do with something about“eternal judgement” but you just can’t recall where it is in the Bible. Type “eternal judgement” into the search box, and you will see the results of the passages where these words are used. It may seem mundane and obvious that a bible based website would have a search engine that catalogs the Bible (A Features most of this list will have). ButBible.cc has some more things to offer.

Type in any verse in the search bar, and it will yield a list of that verse in several different versions. And to the sidebar and below, there will be a paragraph on Context, a list of passages you can Cross Reference, Parallel Commentaries, and a Treasury of Scriptures. But the coolness of this site doesn’t end there. If you peruse the menu bar under the search box and list of Bible versions, there are buttons that lead you to pages of relevant Sermons,Topics, Strong’s Concordance, Commentary, Interlinear (my favorite), Hebrew/Greek version of the text, Lexicon, and a Multi Language/Version page. The Interlinear, Hebrew/Greek, and Lexicon are the buttons I use the most because it gives me, literally, word for word, the Bible in it’s original language AND you can click on each word to see them defined in the Hebrew/Greek and even look at the root words associated with them. For example, let’s look up Revelation 1:1 in the Lexicon.

As you can see, this gives you the Strong’s Concordance number, the english translation of the Greek, the word in Greek, the translation in English, and the grammar. So if you click on the first word, “Revelation” or “apokalupsis” you will be taken to a page (By Default) that gives you the Englishman’s translation of the word. But using the menu bar above (which changes under this setting), you can also look at the Strong’s Concordance definition,Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, NAS Exhaustive Concordance, and the Summary page where it gives you a definition, word origin, number of uses, and all relevant Scriptures. So if you do this for the first three words of Revelation 1:1, you would come to find out that what we normally read in English as “The Revelation of Jesus Christ…” could also be properly translated, “The unveiling (uncovering, revealing) of Jesus Christ…”

There’s a lot more that this site can do for your Bible Study that we just can’t get to on this single post, but I do highly recommend it since it is one of the best FREE websites on the net that can help you study your Bible in more detail.

2. Blue Letter Bible (BLB.org)

While Bible.cc is a great tool for your Bible Study, it does lack in one area in my opinion and that’s commentary. This is where the Blue Letter Bible website thrives. The Bible has been thoroughly studied by some great people, and so it would make sense to see what they had to say about various books, chapters, and verses. Like Bible.cc, the Blue Letter Bible has a large searchable database.

The cool thing about the Blue Letter Bible website is that when you list a book and chapter, it gives you a way to look at it, line by line. To the left of every line is a “Tools” button. Click on it relating to any verse and you will be taken to a page that gives you the Interlinear (Even telling you which manuscripts the translation comes from, i.e. “Masoretic Text, Textus Receptus” etc.) much like Bible.cc, and the ability to study the original language, word for word. The different color coded tabs gives you the option to look at Bible versions of the chosen verse, Cross References, Commentaries (This is what I use the most), Dictionaries, and Miscellaneous.

The Commentaries tab has been extremely useful in my experience. For each given verse, you are provided with several Bible teachers and their studies of that book, chapter or verse in Audio/Video format, as well as a list of Text Commentaries. While the players on the list are limited (There’s still a lot more than bible.cc), and somewhat redundant, it should not be ignored. The names of the commentators include, Chuck Smith, Dr. Chuck Missler, David Guzik (One of my favorites), Dr. J Vernon McGee, Joe Focht, Ray Stedman, John Brown, David Hawking, Matthew Henry, and more. Along with these powerful tools, you are provided with Daily Devotionals, Daily Bible Reading Plans, and a Recently Popular list.

Between Bible.cc and BLB.org, you have at your fingertips some of the best tools on the internet that you can have for your Bible Study.

3. Bible Gateway (BibleGateway.com)

One of the questions that is often brought up is, “What version should I study?” Aside from the KJV only folks, whom I respect as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, but disagree with their convictions about their stance, the first two websites on this list makes looking at one version over another somewhat obsolete. But, we are living in an increasingly “Global” world, and sometimes it may be required that one takes a look at the Bible in an entirely different language. Enter BibleGateway.com. While the website itself if fairly basic with its features, with its verse or word search engine, cross references, and daily devotionals, the one edge this website has over the first two are the number of translations available. While Bible.cc provides a list of various languages you can view the website with, BibleGateway.com provides not only several languages, but over 160 versions of the Bible in various languages as well. Want to witness to your Somalian friends? No problem! Give them John 3:16 from the Somali Bible!

4. All About God (AllAboutGod.com)

The last two on the list are going to be more on the informational bent. While being able to look at the original language Lexicon, dig into the Hebrew/Greek, get commentary from leading Bible scholars, and even translate the Bible into Somali are awesome, sometimes we just need basic answers to some of the more pressing questions we as Christians face. AllAboutGod.com is one of the best websites for such a need. In fact, it’s probably the best, and it’s more than just a website.

President and CEO of AllAboutGod.com, Greg Outlaw summarized what this site has to offer:

“AllAboutGOD Ministries was launched Feb. 22, 2002 and we now have over 18,500 pages spanning 54 websites in 12 languages. About 8,000 pages are concordance and scripture while the other 10,500+ are purely concise articles on just about every subject you can think of. Our primary goal is to engage all people (seekers, skeptics and believers) wherever they are in their journey and help them get to know and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

Greg’s goal in putting the website together was to provide a Bible study in combination with many other relevant topics like Science, Creation, Philosophy, Archaeology, and other popular issues in hopes that it will help the Ekklesia (church) to not just learn, but to leverage the concise articles, videos, and audio to quickly arm themselves to engage the world for Jesus regardless of topic.

Because of the focus of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) AllAboutGod.com has become the hub for finding answers on pretty much anything you can imagine concerning God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ. Check out for example this Link. The first 24 links on the list are the largest websites that branch from AllAboutGod.com such asAllAboutJesusChrist.org, AllAboutArchaeology.org, AllAboutTruth.org, and AllAboutFollowingJesus.org. And if you ever had questions about God and Science, Philosophy, Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, whether Jesus was God, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, the History of Christianity, the Miracles in Christianity, Religious Tolerance, the Dark Ages, Human Suffering, Abortion, and even the fringe stuff my website and podcast normally talk about like, Bible Prophecy, Ancient Aliens, Mayan gods,  the New World Order, the Mark of the Beast,Conspiracy Theories, and the End Times…ANYTHING related to God, Jesus and the Bible, you will most likely find here!

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