5 days to save Edward Snowden

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If Edward Snowden doesn’t get pardoned before January 20, he will likely have to live the rest of his life in exile.

That’s if Vladimir Putin doesn’t send him back to the U.S. to be tried and executed for treason, as CIA director nominee Mike Pompeo has called for.[1]

We’ve just launched a secret weapon that uses Twitter to make #PardonSnowden actions go viral on social media at a moment’s notice.

Now we need to escalate demands, calling on President Obama every day between now and Inauguration Day to pardon.

Will you chip in to help demand that President Obama pardon Edward Snowden?

Here’s how our new online campaign tool works: If you’re on Twitter, you can sign up with just two clicks to automatically tweet a #PardonSnowden message to the president every day until he leaves office (the message will also include simple ways for your followers to take action).

If we get enough people to do this, we’ll be able to make urgent actions to support Snowden go viral and reach huge numbers of people at crucial moments.

Bonus: Recent studies show that decision-makers are extra sensitive to activity on Twitter, as compared to emails, petitions, or phone calls.[2]

But the clock is ticking on Edward Snowden. Will you chip in to help demand that President Obama pardon Edward Snowden before leaving office on January 20?

The newspapers that reported Snowden’s revelations about NSA spying and lying won the Pulitzer Prize.[3]

Congress responded with reforms that they celebrated with press conferences, self-congratulatory floor speeches, and high-profile bill signings.[4]

But Edward Snowden faces, at best, a life in exile, and at worst, a death penalty trial for treason.

When President Obama ran for office in 2008, he pledged to have the most transparent administration ever.[5] Now, he can establish one small piece of his civil liberties legacy by doing what he should have done ages ago: pardon Edward Snowden.

Will you chip in to help demand President Obama pardon Edward Snowden?

Thanks for speaking out,
-Holmes, Fight for the Future

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