4 Years After the First Comet Elenin, We Have a New Comet Elenin Found Using ISON! *And It Reaches its Closest Point to Earth TONIGHT!

Yes, not only is it a new comet Elenin, not only did he find it at just the right moment to land the “X1” designation again (indicating the time of year and order of discovery), but he did it using the remotely controlled ISON telescope network in New Mexico! Pre-discovery images were located on a variety of professional surveys including Pan-STARRS. Here’s a picture of his new discovery he posted to facebook:

MPEC 2014-X66 : COMET P/2014 X1 (ELENIN)
MPEC 2014-X66 : COMET P/2014 X1 (ELENIN)

P/2014 X1 Elenin, it’s official!



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