27 foot coffin for Arab giant

Dear Brother Steve Quayle,My name is David R Devasahayam and I am a believer in Yeshua Hamashiach and his written word the Holy Bible. I am a avid visitor of your site for the past six months and have been hearing you on Omegaman radio. I came upon your site via Tom Horn and Prophesy in the news websites! I am into all the stuff you all are doing over there in America and my heart is with you! May Yahoiwah bless you and fulfill all your heart’s desire.

I am by profession a Military Pilot in the Indian Air Force, I hold the rank of Wing Commander (Lt Col), I used to fly transports, I became a specialist on RPAs about 11 years ago and have been into this niche of the aviation world since then – post training in Israel. I am presently Commanding an RPA unit at Jammu.

About four months ago I was discussing with a Muslim Officer who also is a localite of Jammu and Kashmir (the northern-most state of India and the reason why Pakistan and India are at logger-heads with each other) about Nephilim and Giants. He proceeded to tell me that there are graves of Giants in Jammu & Kashmir and that he knew of about three grave sites with one site slap bang in the middle of Jammu city. I checked with him about two to three times, I really did’nt believe him till today.

I was celebrating Shabbath today and thought it would be a good idea to try and get to see this site (it being only about 10 mins drive from the base I am stationed at). I am enclosing some pics for you, I have compressed the files because it will become too weighty. If you want the originals I will send them to you, maybe get some better photographs taken if you want. The care-taker told me that the Peer Baba buried was 27 feet tall and was an arab. I did not take any measurements. The location of the burial site on Google earth is 32°43’38.02″N 74°51’38.45″E.

I intend to visit the other two places that were told to me and I shall send you the photos if you want. I’ve asked a cousin of mine in New York to contact you through your site and get me some of your books esp Giants and Angel Wars! I am eagerly waiting to read them.

Pl do write if you need any info from my side.

May Yahowah bless you,
David R Devasahayam

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