27 CASES OF CORONAVIRUS **SUSPECTED** IN HAWAII….because they won’t stop flying infected Chinese from Wuhan to Hawaii.

Source: Hawaii resident placed in mandatory quarantine after returning from epicenter of outbreak

The virus is airborne and those who have it are asymptomatic.

The individual who snuck out and LEFT the HUBEI province although it’s under lockdown since January 24th, arrived to Honolulu on Feb. 8th. This person knowing knew they were at ground zero of this pandemic and didn’t care who they infected or came in contact with during the long flight from Wuhan, China to Honolulu. This person is under quarantine at a military base for the next 14 days.

In addition, Some 26 people other Chinese people who have entered the islands from elsewhere in China are undergoing monitoring and have self-quarantined in their homes or in lodging. These people are asymptomatic and the only details known are that 6 are in Maui County, 20 are in Honolulu County.

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