Yellowstone – Is It About to Erupt? War?, Riots?, Gun Confiscation? What does FEMA And The US Federal Government know And Actively Preparing For?

Yellowstone, is it about to erupt?  War?, riots?, Gun confiscation? What does the US Federal Government know  and actively preparing for?

The following is from a long term associate. I trust their reporting and they have a well documented history in the fora as a moderator and critical thinker. This is their unedited report with emphasis added it is as follows:

 FEMA security forces vehicles.  Source:  Heidi Lore Ashley
FEMA security forces vehicles. Source: Heidi Lore Ashley

“Nobody will probably believe me, but this actually happened. Go ahead and call the NSA.”

Brian and I went to a Cabelas in Nebraska, There were all sorts of FEMA security forces vehicles all over the parking lot. I did take a picture of this. One of the guys was talking about something called Frank-Dodd and said things are about to hot the fan, collapse wise (yes, we listened in to what he was saying).

He said he bought 40k in gold and was ready for what was going on. They were all headed west. Fast forward to yesterday, JM bringing me back. Same thing happening, except in addition to FEMA security forces, there were tanks with extra turrets all I over. Again, all headed west, including massive military generators, somehow shielders included…

I should explain the FEMA GUYS were stockpling/ buying a massive amount of extra gasoline, ammo, guns. Not to mention the conversation was,,,he had fear for his mother in a nursing home.

He was pretty convinced about a major event happening,,,question is, is it Yellowstone? Gun grab? Riot control, war?

This was highly unusual…thought I’d share what I heard and observed. I have two other witnesses that also either heard the convo and they were conCeres. Something is happening. I swear I’m not making this up. They were headed toward Wyoming but that might not be where they going. Freaky! I would love to know what is going on.

In my short two weeks in Wyoming, smelled sulphur and felt shaking often. For reference, near Yellowstone.

By the way, saw/heard those convoys on the way TO Wyoming and the way back to Arkansas. Something weird is afoot.

Source: Heidi Lore Ashley
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