The January 2015 update to Facebook will begin monitoring and reducing the appearance of overly promotional posts from pages. Posts included are: Posts that mainly push people to buy a product or install an app. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes. Posts that use the exact same content from ads. In other words, pages that ‘promotional post’ should expect their organic reach to fall tremendously over time.

Facebook users will now have control options for choosing what they see in their news feed. Fans of a certain page will see it’s posts bundled together in the feed, so the user would need to click a link to see more from the page. This happens when there are multiple posts in one day.

The secret to understanding all this and the mighty algorithms includes a few things you can do to increase views. They are as follows:
-Posts with a lot of likes, comments and shares, especially in a short period of time.
-Posts that users seem to prefer more such as with photos, videos, or a status update.
-Posts that have a trending topic
-Link posts
-Videos uploaded to Facebook
-Posts that tag other pages within the text
-Posts that are liked and commented on by one’s friends
-Posts from pages that one interacts with often
-Posts from pages with complete profile information
-Images and videos that have not previously appeared
-Links that have not been posted before

These are the things that decrease reach:
-Often circulated and repeated posts
-Like baiting
-Posts that include spammy links
-Text only status updates from other pages
-Posts that are frequently reported or hidden
-Posts that contain the words, like, comment, or share
-Posts with promotional content, such as products for sale

One important thing to remember is always make sure yours posts are timely and relevant. Facebook is always changing something, but it is yet to be known if the new changes for 2015 will be for the better or worse. I guess only time will tell.



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