Twin “Lightships” Witnessed by CSETI with Dr. Greer?

Vero Beach, Florida on January 27, 2015

Vero Beach, Florida on January 27, 2015

I received an email today with a video from Dr. Greer at Sirius Disclosure. It’s about 9 minutes long and shows an absolutely amazing visit from twin lightships that appeared during one of his intensive CSETI workshops, in which he takes groups out to make contact with extraterrestrials.

Here is an amazing photo and also a Youtube video you won’t want to miss.

This photo was taken Tuesday night January 27, 2015 between 9:10 pm – 9:15 pm at Vero Beach, FL at the January Vero Beach Florida Contact Expedition.

Or click here to see the other stills and videos taken by 4 participants.


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