200+ Screenshots From deleted Facebook Vaccine reaction groups inside

If you can’t see that by now then you are being wilfully ignorant .

This is barely even a fraction of all of the posts in the Facebook vaccine injury groups. Now, imagine what is going to happen to all of these people who survived the jab 3 to 10 years down the road.

Not sure how long these will remain on imgur because as we all know big tech is working around the clock to keep these reports under wraps. So save them and share them far and wide!

Vax reacts 1 (swipe left or click on the left side of current picture for more pictures)

Vr 1

Vax reacts 2 (swipe for more)

V r 2

Vax reacts 3 (swipe for more)

V r 3

Vax reacts 4 (swipe for more)

V r 4

Vax reacts 5 (swipe for more)

V r 5

Vax reacts 6 (swipe for more)

V r 6

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