20 Very Cool Gifs That Explain How Things Work

What happens when we swallow.


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How keys and locks work.


Alternative-News.tk - original How ants walk.


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This gif shows the development of the human face in the womb.


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How a ladybug flies.

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How small the earth would be compared to NML Cygni, the largest known star


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How A dandelion grows.

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How beautiful music is produced in a trumpet.


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This is what you can do with your screen.


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This is what an egg looks like underwater without its shell.


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How black hole devours a star.


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Number of Airline flights per day.

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What happens when you apply a sunscreen.


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The Pythagorean theorem (a² + b² = c²) demonstrated visibly.


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How military helmet camouflage is applied.


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How water refracts the light.


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How a beanstalk (or other vine fruits, weeds, or vegetables) finds support.


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How braces change your teeth.


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What happens when dogs drink water.


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A cheetah uses its tail to counter torsion and keep balance as it chases its prey.







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