1985 New York Times: CLIMATE SHIFT LAID TO CORE OF EARTH (Magnetic Pole Shift is true Cause of Climate Change)

“GENEVA, July 25— A team of French scientists has suggested that some climate changes may originate in the earth’s core.

They suggest that alterations in the circulation of molten material in the core that are responsible for variations of the earth’s magnetic field may also alter the rotation of the earth. This, in turn, would affect the circulation of the oceans and atmosphere.

A somewhat similar suggestion has been made by scientists at the Academy of Meteorological Sciences in Peking, based on changes in the earth’s spin rate after solar eruptions that disturb the planet’s magnetism.

According to the journal New Scientist, they argue that such changes in 1956, 1962, 1967, 1970, 1974 and 1981 were always followed by a potentially catastrophic alteration of equatorial oceanic and atmospheric circulation.

The phenomenon, known as El Nino, is especially threatening to countries in the equatorial Pacific.”

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