15 Amazing Facts About Linux You Should Know #HappyBirthdayLinux 

28 years back, a Finnish student sent an email about his side project. Thanks to its #ooensource nature, the side project has changed the course of technology ??



Linux is 27 years old now. Here are some interesting facts about Linux you should know about it.

Source: 15 Amazing Facts About Linux You Should Know

If you did not know already, Linux has two birthdays each year.

On 25th August 1991, 21 years old Finnish computer science student Linus Torvalds sent a mail announcing that he was working on a new operating system which was ‘just a hobby, won’t be big and professional’.

Linus Torvalds announcement email of Linux
Linus Torvalds announced project Linux

On 5th October 1991, he released the first Linux Kernel. Needless to say, this “little hobby project” has changed the world of computing.

Over the years, the Linux community has often been confused over which of the two days should be considered as the birthday of Linux. And thus we end up having two birthdays for Linux.

On this birthday of Linux Kernel, I am going to list out some interesting facts about Linux that would certainly amaze you.

15 interesting facts about Linux

  • First Linux Kernel, version 0.01, had just 10,239 lines of code (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Linux Kernel today has millions of lines of code, written mostly in C. (Source: Phoronix)
  • Today, over 80% of Linux contributions come from developers paid by big enterprises. Intel tops the list of contributors. Microsoft too is also among the biggest contributors to Linux kernel. (Source: Information Week)
  • Though it was Linus Torvalds who wrote the Linux Kernel initially, he hardly codes anything today. However, he is actively responsible for managing and merging codes written by other developers.
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  • Linus Torvalds wanted to name the project Freax (combination of free and Unix) but his colleague had created an FTP server named Linux (combination of Linus and Unix) for the project already. So the project continued to be called Linux.
  • First GUI that ran on Linux was X Window System. It ran on Linux Kernel version 0.95.
  • MCC Interim Linux was the first Linux distribution available for public download in February 1992. It was based entirely on the command line.
  • Created in 1993, Slackware is the oldest Linux distribution which is still in development.
  • Linux kernel started using GPL license from version 0.12. Initial license forbade any commercial usage.
  • On 15 August 1994, William R. Della Croce, Jr. filed for the trademark Linux, and then demanded royalties from Linux distributors. After court battles, Linus Torvalds got the trademark rights back in 1997.
  • Linux is also a genuine washing powder brand in Switzerland.

Linux washing powder

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