CHINA prepares for WW3 ? – U S and China position for WAR?


Published on 31 Dec 2013

David Vose David Vose

China has 3000 miles of tunnels crisscrossing the Country with as many as 3000 nuclear war heads or more. The U S maintains around 5000 warheads and Russia more. Israel will continue to push for war with Iran and this will happen soon. When it does every nation will take sides. You might wonder why the world has not already gone to ww3, it is because the result is absolute suicide and world destruction. China is waiting on the belief the U S and Rothchild western economy will collapse soon, When the War is over with IRAN the U S will be gone financially and the Antichrist will reign from Israel. There will be 3 and a half years of the greatest peace and prosperity ever known.

Then, the Euphrates river dries up and the 200 million man Army of China will advance upon Israel. This will be the End. Christ will descend from Heaven and stop the greatest tribulation the world has ever known. If he did not there would no flesh be saved. When you get to that point, just a few years in our near future. There will “be no time left”. Friends, “TODAY is the day off salvation” and “the HOUR is Near” If you do not trust in the savior of all Men search for him now “while he may yet be found” At the time of death we all need a savior. When things are going well, it seems we do not need God. But friends, we DO need him. “It does not belong to man to direct his own steps”. Do not get caught up in the metaphysical confusion and illusion doctrines.

The new age teachings are the teachings of Antichrist as they DENY the Physical and bodily birth DEATH and RESURRECTION of our Lord. If he was only a consciousness within you,the entire bible is also untrue. If the scripture was written by wicked ignorant men 2 to 4 thousand years ago, it is a miracle. If prophets wrote NOT what did not happen 2000 years ago on the cross, and the words were predicting what actually is now taking place, it is a miracle of miracles..
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