🚨 Ex-J&J Scientist Says New Bivalent Booster Can Have Cells Produce Four Types of Spike Proteins

“Any given cell could receive two kinds of mRNA’s at one time and they could produce [spike protein] legs of each kind…so you can actually get four kinds of [spike proteins] produced. That means there are four different kinds of spike proteins that are produced so to call this a bivalent vaccine is incorrect.”

Dr. David Wiseman warned the FDA about the uncertain amount of spike protein induced by mRNA COVID vaccines, but his counsel was mostly ignored – despite his years-long work as a top drug developer and scientist for pharma giant Johnson & Johnson and his Ph.D. in experimental pathology. Dr. Wiseman criticized the CDC’s pandemic response and the unreliability of the NEJM Boulware Study (an integral part of revoking the EUA for the H-Word-That-Cannot-Be-Named) but was dismissed by health authorities. “Trust the experts,” they say, “just not THOSE experts.”

Dr. Wiseman joins Dr. Drew and Dr. Kelly Victory to share his concerns regarding mRNA-induced spike protein and the testing of COVID-19 antiviral drug Molnupiravir.

Dr. David Wiseman is a PhD Research Bioscientist with a background in pharmacy, pharmacology, immunology and experimental pathology. He was one of the top 66 research scientists at Johnson & Johnson where he headed up a research and development program overseeing preclinical and international clinical research, pharmacovigilance as well as submissions to FDA for products to prevent post-surgical adhesions. Since 1996 he has run his own R&D consulting business, helping companies develop drugs, devices and biologics. He co-founded the world’s first clinic for the integrated treatment of pelvic and abdominal pain and related disorders and pioneered the use of a device for those conditions.

Dr. Wiseman has focused on COVID-19 for almost 3 years. His raw dataset analyses have overturned previously negative studies used to justify public policy regarding [h-WORD] and [i-WORD]. He has made over 20 submissions on Covid-19 to government bodies including FDA, CDC and NIH. He is a contributor to Trial Site News and participated in Senator Johnson’s expert panel in January 2022.

Find more about Dr. Wiseman at https://adhesions.org

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